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    The world's developed countries, the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia etc,are of great importance to civil-military integration technology. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the civil-military integration .It is not only the urgent need to strengthen the military, but also the urgent need for rich countries ,is the urgent need for promoting economic restructuring and upgrading as well as building an innovation-oriented country and realizing the transform from a big Industrial country to a strong Industrial country .Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Department , Ministry of National Defense Science and Industry Secretary XuDazhe has recently pointed out thatwe must adhere to the right direction of army for people,rooted in the base of national science and technology and industrial ,integrated into the national "great security, great defense "system, into the national economic system, promoting science, technology and industry of national defense in various fields, high benefit of civil-military integration, promoting arms' opening, attracting high quality social resources to participate in the construction of national defense;Developing army-civilian industry, helping structure optimization;play a drive role to service national economic and social development and diplomatic strategy, promote the science and technology industry of national defense to "going out".With China's further into the international community,the Chinese government attaches great importance to counter-terrorism and social public security ;Now the international terrorism has become the important factors to the safety of national society, have bring life and property loss and serious trauma all over the world. In response to the terrorists and sudden violence, the demand of policeequipment isincreasing.
    Guangdong, near Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, radiating into Southeast Asia, is not only China's economic locomotive ,but also the vanguard of reform and opening up; In order to response to the strategic of deeply integratenational army and the as well as the practical needs of counter-terrorism; Defenpol China emerged in this context, services for civil-military integration and police equipment industry, providing aexchange and display platform for Chinese government departments, the military, police, customs,prison, enterprise, associations and media; The exhibition will introduce ASEAN Britain, France and Russia in the Middle East and other overseas similar exhibition of valuable resources, committed to make Defenpol China become China's top showof police.expected size Defenpol China2017is : 250 exhibitors,6000 square meters and 7000 professional visitors.
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