The army - civilian integration technology area

Military turn into civilian: the nuclear industry application technology, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry technology, weapons technology industrial technology, defense electronics technology , overseas conversion technology;

 Civilian join the military: electronic communications, information systems, computer information system security product, embedded system, command and control system, infrared technology ,military and civil electronic components (including aviation, aerospace, marine, ship industry for electronic components), military and civilian power, all kinds of military and civilian radar system ,millimeter wave communication equipment, electronic test, microwave, satellite remote sensing ,electronic simulation, related instruments and testing equipment, professional sensor, wireless communication system, GPS communication and navigation products, industrial products ,electromagnetic compatibility testing technology and equipment, optical electromechanical integration, new materials, new energy, fire control system, visual system, multimedia display device, special vehicles and high tech logistics material etc.;

Police equipment area:

Guns and transmitter, non lethal weapons, suit, disability bomb, water cannon; batons, flashlight ,cordon, search lights, special police rope, an electric shock device; bulletproof vests, helmets ,shields, police protection equipment, police protective suit; helicopters, patrol car, police breacher, police motorcycle, anti riot vehicles, Maria, bulletproof vehicles, armored personnel carriers, wrecker, communication command vehicle, technical criminal scene investigation vehicle, a rubber boat, boats, patrol boats, motor protection equipment, traffic management systems; communication equipment, data and image transmission device, the command center equipment, communications security equipment, short wave and ultra short wave wireless communication equipment; safety inspection equipment, dangerous goods inspection equipment, dangerous goods handling and transportation equipment, perimeter and physical protection products; contraband inspection and testing equipment; forensic, physical testing ,trace, photography and video, document retrieval class, fingerprint type; special police equipment;


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