The world's developed countries, the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia etc,are of great importance to civil-military integration technology. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the civil-military integration .It  is not only the urgent need to strengthen the military, but also the  urgent need for rich countries ,is the  urgent need for promoting economic restructuring and upgrading as well as building an innovation-oriented country and realizing the  transform from a big Industrial country to a strong Industrial country . Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Department ,Ministry of National Defense Science and Industry Secretary XuDazhe hasrecently pointed out thatwe must adhere to the right direction of army forpeople,rooted in the base of national science and technology and industrial,integrated into the national "great security, great defense "system,into the national economic system, promoting science, technology and industry of national defense in various fields,high benefit of civil-military integration, promoting arms' opening, attractinghigh quality social resources to participate in the construction of nationaldefense;Developing army-civilian industry, helping structure optimization;playa drive role to service national economic and social development and diplomaticstrategy, promote the  science andtechnology industry of national defense to "going out".With China'sfurther into the international community,the Chinese government attaches greatimportance to counter-terrorism and social public security ;Now theinternational terrorism has become the important factors to the safety ofnational society, have bring life and property loss and serious trauma all overthe world. In response to the terrorists and sudden violence, the demand ofpoliceequipment isincreasing.

        With China's further integration into the international community, anti-terrorism and protect public safety has been highly attached the Chinese government’s great importance; the current international terrorism has become an important factor endanger national social security for all peoples a significant loss of life and property and severe trauma, in response to the terrorists and sudden violence, the growing demand for police equipment.

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