Focus on Defenpol China2015 Guangdong police exhibition: infrared experts see the march into Guangdong area

Author:Bayern Messe   Add Time:2016-4-11 14:20:35

Recently, learned from Guangdong PoliceExhibition Committee that sea depending on the division of optoelectronic (Suzhou)co., LTD. (HIVINTEK) will bring new products to attend this exhibition.

HIVINTEKis equipped withspecialized research center, engaged in the designand research of infraredthermal image and related products and systems.

Filtering de-noising technologyinnovation is a specialde-noising method in the infrared thermal image, has advantageof high reliability, accurate positioning, de-noising effect. widelyapply onimage de-noising.This technique can well reserve the detail of the image,andgreatly reduce random noise, make stability of infrared image stronger.

Electronic thermal imagecorrection technology using a new heterogeneous image correction method, correctfordata from the infrared FPA sensor array, obtain mechanical stop function byspecialalgorithm to improve the image effect. By weighted processingto the imagedetail, output the final balance image,conform to the human observation. 

The Defenpol China Guangdongcivil-military integration technology and police equipment exhibition willprovideHIVINTEK of a broader platform to show advanced science and technologyinnovation, and enter the overseas markets.

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